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Managing Partner Gail Kasper, has been a thought leader since the inception of the company over a decade ago. She is heavily involved from the assessment process through the creative and producing steps. To work with Gail personally , please email your goals and challenges to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

INDIVIDUAL COACHING. Gail is proficient at COACHING and WRITING. Some of her accomplishments include working for:

  • YouTube Channel Creation And Building . Your time begins with a 2+hour in-depth Q&A to identify your extraordinary brand. GKTV will then use that information to write a script, whether for your Value Proposition Episode or an Educational Episode. Next, on set, GKTV elevates your on-camera presence using tools from her highly successful LA Hosting Class. If you've heard anything about Gail Kasper's coaching style, you know it's both intensive and rewarding. The video is then shot, edited and released. Lastly, a hard-pressed focus is made to increase Followers on various Social Media platforms.
  • TV Hosts, seeking to create a unique BRAND and want teleprompter and hosting training; or want to create another revenue stream.
  • Individuals or Business owners who are seeking to grow their brand digitally through YouTube or through Social Media.
  • Business Owners, seeking to increase media exposure and strengthen their media presence.
  • Individuals, needing a Personal Speech written
  • Executives seeking to increase public speaking skills, media presence, teleprompter skills and leadership skills , or need a SPEECH WRITTEN (Sales, Leadership, Motivation).
  • Entertainment professionals who need Press Releases, Proposals, and Treatments for their Television and Film projects.
  • Individuals or Employees, striving to achieve personal, professional, or fitness goals. 
  • Entertainment professionals needing copy for their Demo and on-set involvement. Gail participates in every step of the process, from writing the demo through the editing process. 


COMPANY CONSULTING: If you are a company striving to take your brand to the next level, Gail Kasper will not only evaluate the strengths and challenges of your business or department, but will create an escalation program - based on systems from our diverse sales or communications portfolio - that will increase market share, revenues, and employee buy in. We only work with progressive organizations who are focused on continuous improvement.

Strategy development has included: Writing Customized Licensed Sales Programs. Based on Gail's work with multi-billion dollar companies, Gail will create a sales program, complete with company and product value propositions, closing techniques, and prospecting processes. Why figure it out on your own when a pro can do it for you? Contact us for more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Gail Kasper

"Whether I work with you individually or you entrust me with your company and employees, I promise to hear you and be honest in my evaluation."

–Managing Partner Gail Kasper

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