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Is Candy Your Junk-Food of Choice? 3 Tips to Beat the Challenge - By Gail Kasper

by Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker


Staying Fit During the Halloween Season


I know how challenging it can be to avoid treats, especially when the season dictates that they take over your home. Here are a few tips to stay in shape.


•Keep the bag sealed: Since most of us are buying bulk, don't plan to open the bag until just before your first guest arrives. Even better, don't buy candy, hand out Special K Snack Bars or Quaker Breakfast Bars.Today, there are also sugar-free snacks including Pumpkin Peeps and AirHeads, or you can opt for Kudos chocolate chip granola bars or Sunkist Fruit Gems.

•Keep fruit and vegetables on hand: If you're going to reach for something, reach for the right stuff. Sometimes you're just looking to snack on something and the only thing around is the junk food. Instead, reach for something healthy and nutritious.

•Drink lots of water: If you are so prompted to eat candy, before you do, fill your stomach with 16 ounces of water. Often, what we interpret as hunger pangs is really thirst.


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